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“Part of me suspects that Nessy had to sink because, after a year of tackling every conceivable relationship hurdle short of an unplanned pregnancy (DON’T DO IT, NEW GIRL), the unexplored territory in Nick and Jess’s relationship had grown a bit barren. It’s not that New Girl didn’t have options for the couple, but the big ones—babies, weddings, and awkward vacations with the in-laws—just aren’t something the writers are prepared to address with those two. The show covered kissing and the L word and shacking up. It went as far as it could as of this time, and to simply leave Nick and Jess to stagnate until the writers felt ready to go there would have been a disservice to the characters, New Girl’s cast, and the audience.” (via allaboutnewgirl)

I don’t agree, but here’s a different way to look at it

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New Girl - Next episodes & air dates


  • Tuesday April 22, episode 3x08 “Menus” (Rerun)
  • Tuesday April 29, epidode 3x22 “Dance”
  • Tuesday May 6, episode 3x23, Season 3 finale (Title to be announced)

9 pm on FOX.




He was joking… or was he???  

Just get that sperm cookin’ already

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he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about

Hoppy Easter!

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Anonymous asked: Did someone comment that Nick's scruff was gonna be gone in the finale? How do we know this?


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Nick’s sexy strut requested by anon


Nick’s sexy strut requested by anon

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